Self care

Paying attention to yourself

All our actions are shaped by our good and bad habits. These ensure that we do not question every decision and can therefore focus on the things that are supposedly important. Taking good care of yourself is usually a conscious decision.

In this article you will learn how caring you are and what you can do to integrate more self-care into your everyday life.


What does self-care mean?

Self-care means to care about your mind and body. To care for and observe yourself is a basic requirement for physical and mental health. “Healthy egoism” helps to always keep an eye on your personal needs.


Create Time slots

Lack of time is often one of the biggest challenges we face when trying to implement self-care in day-to-day life. Therefore, it is essential to set priorities for the time that is left after accounting for work and other commitments. This includes finding and avoiding so-called “time thieves” as well as consciously blocking time for yourself and communicating these blocked time slots to the people around you.

Think about what gives you energy, peace and joy and fill your free time with it. Keep in mind that your everyday life also offers many opportunities for self-care. You will find some examples in the next section.


How it works

Self-care can consist of smaller or bigger things. The most important thing is that you stop thinking and start doing.

Here are some examples of concrete things you can do:

  • Start your day with a yoga routine (check the video in this special) and don’t check your phone.
  • Take a walk outside during your lunch break.
  • Take 5 minutes to take a deep breath after an intense meeting and think about what went well.
  • Write down 10 small things that you enjoyed during the day and train your mindfulness for the supposedly small things.
  • Meet with friends to cook together.
  • Remember the last time you really laughed.
  • Run barefoot through the grass.
  • Make cooking dates with friends.
  • Remember the last moment, when you laughed out loud.

As you can see your everyday life offers lots of opportunities to take care of and be mindful with yourself.  But are you really self-caring with yourself? You can do the self-test before reading the 5 tips for more self-care.

5 tips for more self-care

1) Start small

If you’re serious about this, start now. Decide now when you want to take 5 minutes of your time throughout the day. Block this time in your calendar and do something nice just for you in those 5 minutes, like going out into the fresh air, listening to your favorite song, calling a friend or doing some fascia exercises. A little extra tip: If it feels like a reward, then you’ve done it right.

2) Prioritize

Yes exactly, every day has only 24 hours, and that will not change so quickly. Whether you have time to take care of yourself is always also in your own hands. Of course there are phases in life when we are more in “survival mode” and just try to somehow manage our everyday life. If this feeling should have become normal for you, then it is high time to change something. Do not wait for others. Start with yourself and decide what is important to you.

3) Get support

Everyone needs a friendly gripping crocodile! This good friend is someone who at best knows you well and feels when you want to fob him off with excuses. He remains persistent and annoys you until you put your words into action. Sounds unpleasant? Good, because it should be. The sooner you start doing something good for yourself, the sooner the friendly crocodile will give you peace of mind.

4) Be emotional

You are a bit uninspired and don’t feel what is actually good for you? That’s not unusual, after all we are often very good at suppressing our needs. Let’s try emotions and sensations: When was the last time you had goose bumps for joy? When did you burst with pride? Which food made your mouth water? When were you overwhelmed by the starry sky? Search for these feelings and perceive them consciously.

5) Ask others

Often our best friends know very well what is really good for us. So ask your closest friends to make a list of 3 things you should definitely do again. Challenge accepted? Then have fun with going from knowing to doing.