Exercises and challenges


Can you lift your toes off the ground without raising the whole foot?

Can you raise your big toe separately? Can you raise the rest of your toes separately?

Can you lift your toes off the ground one by one?
(in a waving motion, starting with the big toe)

How far can you spread your toes? Can you reach the pen with your little toe?

Exercises on the mobility of the big toe such as isolated movement and spreading can help against hallux valgus.


Can you grab and pick up a clothes peg (or similar object) with your toes?

Can you grab and pick up a pen with your toes?

Can you crumple up a sheet of paper or newspaper just with your foot?

What about your footing? Are you able to hold on to the paper strips by evenly distributing pressure on the heel, inner and outer edge of the foot?

Exercises for gripping objects are particularly suitable for strengthening muscles and tissue. They can help to build up the arch of the foot.


Calf: Roll up a towel and stand on it with just the front of your foot. Let the heel sink towards the ground. Both legs remain stretched and the hip stays above the rear ankle joint.

Gripping muscles: First bring the front of your toes to the ground and push your foot slightly forward. Then turn the toes inside out and stretch the back of the foot.

Spread your toes (passively): Grab between the toes with your fingers and gently push them apart.

Foot arch: Reach around the back of your foot with one hand from the inside and around your toes with the other hand from the outside. Now twist your foot.